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Monday, July 12, 2004

Deadly Dance floor bacteria

Saturday 10th July 2004:
Enjoyed an explosive night @ Zero G. We ( my 3 friends and myself) were quite surprised when they let us into the place ( Stag entries on a Saturday night are usually NOT welcome at one of the most happening places in town !! ), but not quite so surprised when they threw us out of the dance floor ( Couples only, they said ). We had already had our share of dance and excitement by then. After 5 hours, we were just too tired to dance.

To top it all, one of us suggested we WALK BACK HOME !!!

Monday 12th july 2004:
I know I have been infected by the Deadly Dance-floor bacteria.
Symptoms :
- Laryngitis
- Pain in the neck & arse - literally !!!
- Swelling of feet ( Though I feel one also gets this problem after walking for
10 kilometers)


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