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Sunday, November 28, 2004

I like Installing Open Source programs

The reason - I have never got past the installation stage to actually using the stuff.

So sweet of my company to present me with my very own Sun Solaris machine, that too a server so that I can NEVER login as the superuser!!! And ... I am really thankful to the corporate for installing softwares at obscure locations.

Gnu/FSF/Sun provies installables ( 'binaries' for geeks, 'excecutable' for Windows Buffs, and 'Programs' for those who knew how to get this far on the comp. For the rest ... "Me No Know TROLL Language") only for standardized locations.

That leaves me trying to get stuff running the hard way.Ie, Compile the source.

Its interesting that the moment I start doing this stuff, the machine starts off:

Me: Computer, compile this C program for me please.
Computer: Okay ... According to your login, you are Krishnan.
Computer: According to the machine hardware, this is a Solaris
Computer: WOW!! you have 'a list of programs', which are absolutely of no use to me.
Computer: ...
Computer: ...
Computer: ...
Computer: DUH
Computer: C?
--- Take some time off to abuse the computer
--- Some more time to find the libraries

Me: there you are. Now would you please..
Computer: Okay ... According to your login you are ......
--- Fuming
Computer: ...
Computer: ...
Computer: I need Coffee, a burger, some biscuits and the GTK libraries.
Me: What ?
Computer: Maybe not the biscuits ...
--- Grrrrr
Computer: Look ... Do you want me to do this or not ?
--- Resignation
Me: Here are your $%^#%^ libraries
Computer: Where ?
Me: Right under your nose !!
Me: Do you want me to shove it down your a**
Computer: Aaah ... these ... Do you call this a burger ? Looks like a bun, split in two, and stuffed with meat, vegetables, ketchup and mayonase to me !!
--- Contemplate murder
Me: (Sarcasm) Do you want me to stand on one leg too ?
Computer: Okay ... According to your login you are ......
--- Fuming
Computer: ...
Computer: ...
Computer: Umm ...
Computer: Well ... did you know.. Its been five years since I have been installed ?
Me: And your point is ...
Computer: We need a better OS.. there are these 'patches' ... we would need to install them ...
Computer: ID numbers 25JKH52, B5KHG2, 5O85B21, 2SJKH52, BSKHG2, 5O5B21, JK2H54, 224MK, 00H23HDS to name a few ..
Me: Install the $%^* patches you ##$^&
Computer: For that, I need permission from the supervisor.
--- Kill... Kill ... Control+C.. rm -rf * .. Die .. Die


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