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Saturday, January 29, 2005

Search and thou shall find

The internet - The all encompassing colossal warehouse of information ( and mp3's, and exe's ). Then, why is it that finding 'stuff' ( as in mp3's ) on the internet always seems interminable and the files elusive ?

My mooooost prrrrrefered seeeearch ennnngine ( U guessed right .. gooooogle) usually disappoints me when I want to search and download some 'stuff' on the internet. It feeds me news reviews, concert timings and almost all information on the topic but the files themselves. It is frustrating to know that there is a file out there just outside your reach.

Finally, I seem to have figured it out. The problem is not in the search engine ( obviously not !! ) . The solution is in properly guiding google to find your file. The files are out there, hidden in some server, waiting to be accessed by someone.

There are two ways to get to the file. One, by clicking on links and closing annoying/lascivious popups for what seems like eternity to get to the above said server, or two, by searching within the servers directly (through google). I will now divulge my ken on the second method.

For example, if you want to find your favorite mp3:
Google search for:
"index of" "parent directory" your favourite mp3 ".mp3"

You know you have hit the jackpot if you find a result matching:
Index of /some server/[~] some name/
One glimpse at the site contents and you will understand why I used the above search terms.

"index of" "parent directory"
your favourite exe ".exe"

"index of" "parent directory"
your favourite pdf ".pdf"

Now .... It all seems soo easy ... Doesn't it.
I guess its time for you to upgrade to a faster internet connection !!!


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