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Friday, December 24, 2004

Swades ?? Not exactly like in the movies

Took time off from work and had a good time watching the movie.

The Movie is about the NRI ( Non-Returning Indian? ) who is so involved in his work @ NASA that he has no social life in the USA, and longs for his native land and its caring and loving citizens. Highly touching, and extremely patriotic. Add a dash of Bollywood flavour ( romance, religion, poverty, and lots of Glycerine) , and Viola, the typical Bollywood Blockbuster !!

The story ends with the hero back in India in the loving arms of his 'village girl'. However, for most of the NRI's, this would be 'Just the Beginning'.

However, In real life, (especially in the IT sector) we have reasons to be jealous of our US counterparts. They come to office at 8:00AM and leave at 5:00PM. After 5, one has enough options to entertain himself, be it the local pub, shopping mall or the multiplex.

As for us, we work from 9:00AM till 9:00PM, go back home and drop off to sleep. I dont understand how we can fit a social life in when we get only 24 hours a day ( including work and sleep). On those rare days when I reach home early, I find myself 'Home Alone'. My friends havent reached home yet !!!

Swades is not exacly like in the movies !!!

Its 12:00AM as I write this blog. Merry Christmas.
Like I said, Last week, I took time off from work and had a good time watching the movie. The late-night show starts at 10:00PM.

Friday, December 10, 2004

Am I famous or What !!

I knew I had a small fan club following... But this !!!

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