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Saturday, March 26, 2005


Finally found time to blog this, as the event was so memorable. It is only rarely that incidents like Getting Drunk, Mobile conking out being out of range, awake at 1:00 AM midnight, miles away from any abode, dogs barking at you etc ... happen together as it did this time !!!

It all started with my thirst for adventure (quenched visibly since then ) appealing to me at 11:00 PM in the night ( practical absurdities seem trite after you have quaffed opious amounts of alcohol ). We ( Nambiar and myself ) decided to go on a drive way beyond sarjapur.

Beyond sarjapur is a total wasteland, converted intermittantly into farmlands, which were growing something like cabbages then. Not a soul around for miles, till at around 1:00 PM, when some poor farmer decided to check out a car and two people squatting at the end of his field. After his interruption, we decided that it was time to back home and sleep.

We turned back, only to realize that the car tyre was punctured. Nambiar visibly remembered ( intoxicated though he was ) removing the tool kit from the car a few day prior.

Incidents like these tend to clear your mind in a flash, as we began to realize the situation we were in. Its in times like that you wish you were too drunk to comprehend the gravty of these situations. Unfortunately ....

I believe I failed to mention seeing no vehicle passing by where we sat, and our location was a few miles away from the nearest road. We spent our first hour trekking along the countryside, awakening the dogs in the neighbourhood, until we finally found a location where our mobiles indicated a barely available network. We spent the next hour by the side of the main road awaiting our friends and pondering on the impending slandour.

Our friends finally came at 4:00 in the morning, and all ended well as we were saved the verbal assault since our friends were too sleepy !!!