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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Rang De Basanti

Khoon Jala, the blood boils - You would have heard A R Rehman sing. However, have'nt you heard it before, yourself, musing, in the police station, bribing to have a theft reported ? Have'nt you heard it, your heart straining to shout out loud, at any 'pulic service' office, and everytime you bribe the traffic constable ?

Our jobs (and ourselves) are our top priority, so in such situations, we ADJUST, supress our frothing anger, and get on with our lives. Me, I accept it (part of the 'bloody system'), don't vote (inhibiting me from criticising the govt, and the country), tell myself 'Get out of this dump', find a job in the US, and cowardly, flee. Yet, when I saw the movie ... Khoon Jala.

Have we become comfortably numb ? Why do willingly submit to corruption till it kills us. Yes, it does kill us, and then its too late. How secure are you, on a train, for example. Does'nt corruption kill more innocents than terrorists do ? Yet, we fear terrorism and ADJUST to corruption. How illogical and irrational can we be.

Is it hard to note the person whom you are forced to bribe ? Is it so difficuilt, to get your friends and collegues, and their friends and collegues together, and picket peacefully, his house or office ? Is it so unfruitful to have your voice heard ? Are your work/priorities so demanding ?

As a working class, we are restricted (but not completely, the half hour we spend griping on the 'current situation' over lunch is good enough). The youth students have more freedom. Sooner or later, there will be a revolution against corruption.

I would urge you not to be a critic unless you have voted for any election atleast once. Anyone can be a critic, but it is his voice that instills patriotism, who has strived for a better India.