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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

The Kudremukh Experience

I went on this trip a week before I joined the blogger community, but it was so memorable that I felt the need to mention this somewhere. Besides, I can always refer to the post in case i forgot the route map to kudremukh.

There were 5 of us, Ajay, Anant and myself from my office (ADI), Srik (Srikant from Intel), Sarf ( Sarfarash - Anant's friend ), Manoj (Ajay's friend).

We had BIG plans for kudremukh, which, if had succeeded would have had us 'resting in peace'.
  1. Trekking to kudremukh in the rain - Like in a suicide mission.
  2. Camping at the top of the mountain - Where the chances of lightning striking you would be a little high (only around 100 %).
Fortunately, the weather cleared on that day, and the forest officials caught us trekking towards the peak in the evening and asked us to go back.

The Trip map - bangalore to Kudremukh and back:
  • Bangalore to Kalsa -> Government Bus
  • Kalsa to Samsa -> Private bus
  • Samsa to Somawathy Falls -> Trek 5Km
  • Somawathy Falls to Lobos House -> Trek 8Km
  • Lobos House to Kudremukh Peak -> Trek 8Km
  • Kudremukh Peak to Lobos House -> Trek 8Km
  • Lobos House to Somawathy Falls -> Trek 8Km
  • Somawathy Falls to Samsa -> Trek 5Km
  • Samsa to Kudremukh Town -> Private bus
  • Kudremukh Town to Bangalore -> Government Bus
That's 42Km of trek, if you dont get lost. Fortunately we didnt ....

We didnt see many animals around, just us, two deers, a chameleon and a lot of leeches. But we have heard of others having seen bisons at the peak.

Kudremukh is mostly grasslands, with a little bit of forest. This is what you do:
Step 1) You trek through the grasslands
Step 2) Gather your breath at the beginning of the forest
Step 3) RUN as fast as you can
Step 4) Stop at the end of the forest
Step 5) Scrape off the leeches from your legs/shoes
Step 6) Goto Step 1

At lobos house, you can lead a nomadic life if you like mangos, gauva, jackfriut and oranges. We had also brought rotis, pickles, bread, jam , and noodles ( we got a kettle from the guy who takes care of Lobos house, and made our noodles in it).

Water was never a problem. We had taken empty water bottles from bangalore, which we filled from the many streams that we passd by on our way to the peak.

Some pics from my trip:

Lobos House : Not much of a house though. We had brought sleeping bags along with us anyways.

We had to cross 3 to 4 of these bridges, inspired from AXN 'Fear Factor'

This hill was the hardest part, and the trek path had been made by water flowing downhill the day before.

Everyone was too tired after climbing the hill. There was still a lot more to go.

This might pass off as a panoramic view of kudremukh. Shot halfway to the top.

At this point, all we could see around were clouds.

As we were nearing the summit, we looked back and saw this !!!

A scary place to rest.

The summit - No Bison's grazing though !!!

All you need to get to kudremukh town (at the base of the peak) is to walk a few feet forward.

This one is right opposite to kudremukh

Samsa is out there ... probably the white spec.

Monday, July 12, 2004

Deadly Dance floor bacteria

Saturday 10th July 2004:
Enjoyed an explosive night @ Zero G. We ( my 3 friends and myself) were quite surprised when they let us into the place ( Stag entries on a Saturday night are usually NOT welcome at one of the most happening places in town !! ), but not quite so surprised when they threw us out of the dance floor ( Couples only, they said ). We had already had our share of dance and excitement by then. After 5 hours, we were just too tired to dance.

To top it all, one of us suggested we WALK BACK HOME !!!

Monday 12th july 2004:
I know I have been infected by the Deadly Dance-floor bacteria.
Symptoms :
- Laryngitis
- Pain in the neck & arse - literally !!!
- Swelling of feet ( Though I feel one also gets this problem after walking for
10 kilometers)