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Saturday, April 22, 2006

White Water Rafting

After a long break from reckless / adventerous activities, we ( JJ, Niranjan, David, Sly, Timir, Kastubh, Abhishek and myself ) finally set off to the French Broad River. The overtly enthusiastic Niranjan had contacted Nantahala Outdoor Center to arrange this exhilarating ride. He got group discounts for 35$ a person. (Hmm .. I still got to pay him ). The location is a 3 Hour drive from Greensboro.

At the French Broad River Outpost - In our Dry Suits

The French Broad River

Getting Drenched !!

Boat 1 Going over ...

Boat 2 Going over ...

Everyone Survived

The NOC guides mentioned that they offers special discounts for volunteers helping maintain the cleanliness of the river ( We did see some trash .. car tyres, plastic wraps and the like on the river banks ).

Do The JJ

Do The JJ (d th JJ)
1. Ignoring a person while nodding your head.

[Do; Middle English don, from Old English dn. See dh- in Indo-European Roots.]
[The; Middle English, from Old English the, alteration of se; see so- in Indo-European Roots. ]
[JJ; English (US), from Jayanth Jayanth Indian (Karnataka) Roots]

Usage Note ( 'Do the JJ' situations):
Sly: Dude ... I wo'nt be at home for few days. Can you feed my fish ?
JJ : ( Nod ... Nod ... Nod )
Sly: Do you have the slightest idea what I just said ?
JJ : Say what now ?