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Friday, December 30, 2005

Complete Calvin And Hobbes

Currently reading the Bible of all Comic Strips. The 'Complete Calvin And Hobbes' is slightly expensive but well worth it. Will be giving the book to my parents, for two reasons:
  1. An appreciation for enduring my childhood
  2. I dread any child in my vicinity armed with information from the book.
Go here for official comic strips.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005


We ( Ramya, Anu, Ankit and Myself) went on a trip to Atlanta, to drop off Ankit and also to tour downtown atlanta. Met with Sid, his bro, and his bro's friends at GA Tech.

The day was spent visiting CNN center, Coke Museum and Georgia Aquarium. We also met up with Ramya's friends before driving back to Greensboro in the night. It was 3:00AM when we reached back.

Framed !!

Christmas @ CNN

Ramya and Bush

A Looong Way Up

Awaiting Chinese Food !!

At the Coke Museum

Touching the Ray fins.


Getto at Chicago @ Jobi Babu's House. Rahulan and Santho were there too. So was Appukuttan, Aama and others from their (babu's) batch.

Day 1 was spent sightseeing and hiking. Yup .. Hiking ... from Navy Peer to Sears Towers. Apparrently, we thought the tower was close by, as we could see it from the navy peer.

Day 2 was spent being sober from the evening at Joby's. It was also Tinu's ( Joby's wife) birthday.


View from Sears Tower

Santho family Photo

Joby Babu family Photo

In front of Joby's House

Blue Ridge Parkway

Went on a trip on the Blue Ridge Parkway ( JJ, Ramya and myself), enjoying the fall colours. We had a slight hiccup with our plans for lunch, as the blue ridge was intented to be a recluse from society and people and restaurants.

We started on the southern end of the parkway and drove on the parkway till Linville, where we visited Linville Falls and Linville Caverns. Exited parkway on Route 421, to come back to Greensboro.

On the Blue ridge Parkway


Enjoying the scenery

Inside Linville Caverns


Near The Linville Falls


With Thee Thee @ Austin

Was with Thee Thee the weekend before he left for India. Visited the coolest theme park in Texas, schliterbahn. They have a water ride that goes up !! Though we had to wait for hours, the ride was worth it !!!

CID's from Bangalore !!

Hanging Rock State park

Jayesh drove over to Greensboro one weekend. He reached here by 4:00 AM, so we abandoned plans to the Blue Ridge Parkway. Was googling for possible alternatives when I stumbled onto the 'Hanging Rock State Park'. Since we didnt have anything else to do, we left for the park.

At Hanging Rock State Park

Posing near the Lake

The Summit

New York

Went for Thanksgiving trip to New York with Jayesh. He came down to DC, and we started off to NY. Met Zacchu on the way, and stayed at his house for the night.

Next morn, we toured Statue of liberty, Ground Zero, and Empire State Building. We also toured a couple of NY metro's as a part of our getting lost in NY act. We finally made it to Ju's by evening.

Spent the next day at an Indian localoty near NY. Feasted on yummy Dahi Chat, fried Fish etc. We went back to NY downtown on the corner of empire state building, where we met Ajay. Then it was off to Scranton (Jayesh's place).

Spent the next day travelling ( Scranton to DC to Greensboro ). Thats a whole lot of travel !!!

Lady Liberty

Jayesh in 'Kal Ho Na Ho' Style

With JU

Grandfather Mountain

Visited Grandfather Mountain with JJ, Ankit and Ramya. Trekked a little, enjoyed a lot, even spent some time at a local vineyard too, sampling their stuff. Something on the lines of Sideways.

At the Grandfather Mtn

The Summit !!


At the vineyard bar !!

Salt Lake city

Went to meet Rahulan, Appukuttan and Nishant @ Salt Lake City. Appukuttan had come up from LA.

Day 1 was spent visiting the Great Salt Lake to watch the sunset. Met Zen Abraham, my friend from school. We had a wonderful time in the evening at rahulan's place.

The next day, we went hiking near Timpanogos Cave. Unfortunately, we couldnt get into the cave as the tickets got sold out. However, the hike made up for the excitement.


CID's from Chennai !!

The Salt Lake

At the salt lake

Sunset At Salt Lake

Near Timpanogos Cave

Lake on top of the mountains.

We hiked on these !!

Its been awhile

And Its been a while,
Since I read some blog
And Its been a while,
Since I had time to myself
And Its been a while,
since I gone and posted something up on this blog ...

Inspired from 'Stained' ...